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2 in 1 Aroma Candles And Massage Oil Soy 


| Candles Hand Poured in Hua Hin - Thailand| 

| O u r   f a v o r i t e s |

massage oil
Soy Candles

2 in 1 Aroma Candles And Massage Oil Soy

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Scented Candle

Nature Essence
Rice & Coconut Candles


Hand-poured Rice&coconut oil candle
11 different collection available

| N a t u r a l l y   S i m p l e |

Why do 'be likes" use natural soy wax for candle production? "Using soy wax to make candles because The disadvantage of using candles made from paraffin obtained from the petrochemical industry. There are analyzes that in candles made of paraffin 11 carcinogenic compounds (Carcinogenic Compounds), It is identified as the only toxic air (Toxic Air Agent) obtained from the combustion of diesel fuel.

Holding a Branch

Our soy Candles are all-natural, and hand-poured with 100% natural soy, with no preservatives.

-be likes


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